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harmony of video, photo and audio


editing, color correction, beautiful professional transitions, effects ..

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slideshow, color correction, scan of films and slides, convert to any format ...

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correction of defects sound balance of voices and music, sound effects...

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I do video editing of videos from ordinary people. These are moms and teachers, who recorded them children on holidays in kindergartens and schools. Someone brings family videos and photos of 30 years ago and asked to make a slideshow or video editing. I like what I do. I like to make people happy when they get the end of the finished film, in which I put heart and soul. I get great pleasure from his case. Of course this is my work, and all work deserves payment, but my attitude towards customers, my motive - "I give you my heart embedded in the film." Each person is unique, and so I use an individual approach to each person.

Just finished a new job with a little actress. Her name is Kristina. She is 6 years old.  She is very artistic and positive. The song is called "I live in Russia" Author - composer and poet Chaplinskaya Marina. She is the music director of the kindergarten of Christina.

At first I wanted to record only audio version of the song. But in the process, this idea is transformed into a new, unwrapped. I decided to do not only audio, but and video for this song. Childhood flies very fast, but the video you can watch the whole life


Sources for this video:
Christina's voice
Files with video filming holiday (recorded on the phone)

What is done:
1. Written arrangement
2. The recorded voice of Christina in the studio
3. Tune of voice
4. Mixing of voice and music
5. The videoediting of the song


Premiere the song "I live in Russia"
to view the video, click on the picture


i live in russia